A little more than a week’s worth of links

Similar to me posting a weekly summary of asides here, I think I’ll do the same for links. However, since I’ve been spending most of my time off this past week and a half yelling at spending time with my kids doing all things Christmas and not reading online/bookmarking links, I may cheat this first time and go back a little more than a week. There may be some overlap between my links summaries and asides summaries, and I am OK with this. As I do this, I realize I don’t record hat tips on my Pinboard, but if I am going to publish a weekly link summary like this, I probably should include them. I know some hat tips are deserved for the below links, so going forward (as in, after this post) I will do my best.

Jerry Seinfeld talks about writing a joke

Lesson learned from David Rakoff

List of airport etiquette tips

“How Not To Vote For The Baseball Hall Of Fame, In Three Easy Steps”

The state of dance music and dancing to said dance music

Lunch with Tyler Cowen

“There’s Little We Can Do to Prevent Another Massacre”

A depressingly realistic analysis of weight loss

Profile of Glenn Loury from 2002 in New York Times Magazine

Challenges to economic growth potential


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