This time it is a week’s worth of links

Similar to me posting a weekly summary of asides here, I’m doing the same for links. There may be some overlap between my links summaries and asides summaries, and I am OK with this. I’ve actually remembered some hat tips this time, so that’s nice. Also, just because I’m posting these now, doesn’t mean that they are new. It just means I read them over the last seven days. Some could be old, but so what? They’re still good.

Do electronic devices on planes cause any harm? (h/t Ann Althouse)

Sepp Blatter disses the MLS

Scott Sumner on the fiscal cliff bargain

“How to decide where to live”

Pictures of bookcases

Teens’ opinions on social media (h/t Tyler Cowen)

Fiscal cliff deal is done…what’s next?

“At every age we think we’re having the last laugh, and at every age we’re wrong.” (h/t Tyler Cowen)

Asking good questions for career success

List of world’s largest subway systems

“Make more decisions. That’s the only way to get better at it.”

“Have We Lost the War on Drugs?” (h/t Tyler Cowen)

As someone constantly in search for deposits into my not-having-an-MBA rationalization bank, I’m a sucker for these headlines. (h/t Felix Salmon)


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