A week’s worth of links III

Similar to me posting a weekly summary of asides here, I’m doing the same for links. There may be some overlap between my links summaries and asides summaries, and I am OK with this. Also, just because I’m posting these now, doesn’t mean that they are new. It just means I read them over the last seven days. Some could be old, but so what? They’re still good.

“The Fallacy of the Baseball Hall of Fame”

Seth Godin on taking initiative

Megan McArdle says don’t get an MBA

Student-athletes and the higher education bubble (h/t Tyler Cowen)

Aaron Swartz’s post on his struggles with depression from 2007

RIP Aaron Swartz

NFL parity

“In an LES Dive Bar”

When economists agree, the rest of don’t agree with them

Top 10 domestic beer brands

“Boys stink at school and it doesn’t even matter” (h/t Stephen Hicks)

Cool picture of Chicago (h/t Radley Balko)

How you know something is important

Growth via less sleep? (h/t Tyler Cowen)

Now that I’m posting the weekly recaps of links I’ve bookmarked on Pinboard, I figured I’d take a look at what I had marked unread. And much like buying one of my favorite movies on DVD was a surefire way to guarantee that I never watched it again, saving unread bookmarks has proven to be a pretty effective way of keeping a list of things I am never going to read. So I’m going to change that. Each week I’ll take a look at a handful of my unread bookmarks. The ones I ended up saving this  week are listed below. Now I guess it’s time to dust off my copy of Almost Famous on DVD.

Could deinstiutionalization of the mentally ill be causing the uptick in mass shootings?

Video of Scott Sumner on how to prevent the next financial crisis


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