A week’s worth of links IV

Similar to me posting a weekly summary of asides here, I’m doing the same for links. There may be some overlap between my links summaries and asides summaries, and I am OK with this. Also, just because I’m posting these now, doesn’t mean that they are new. It just means I read them over the last seven days. Some could be old, but so what? They’re still good.

Singular “they” (a concept I fully endorse)

Sports channels are the most expensive on cable systems

“How much value does the finance industry create?”

M.I.T.’s role in the Aaron Swartz tragedy (h/t Ann Althouse)

Immersion criticism

Now that I’m posting the weekly recaps of links I’ve bookmarked on Pinboard, I figured I’d take a look at what I had marked unread. And much like buying one of my favorite movies on DVD was a surefire way to guarantee that I never watched it again, saving unread bookmarks has proven to be a pretty effective way of keeping a list of things I am never going to read. So I’m going to change that. Each week I’ll take a look at a handful of my unread bookmarks. The ones I ended up saving this  week are listed below. Now I guess it’s time to dust off my copy of Almost Famous on DVD.

Tax-managed mutual funds (I won’t apologize for saving the occasional very dry article on some personal finance topic)

“Complexity is here to stay”


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