A week’s worth of links VII

Another week, another list of things I’ve read online that are worth saving for future reference. But really, it’s mid-February and I still haven’t finished one book this year. So I need to put the PC down and pick up the Kindle.

Metallica: a history lesson

I’m a sucker for thoughtful NCAA takedowns

The silliness of American gambling laws

High school reading assignments

“High-quality revenue has three main characteristics: predictability, profitability and diversity.”

Fascinating piece on Tom Wolfe (h/t Conor Friedersdorf)

The Lumina immortalized on Google Maps

The army’s troop leading procedures

“The only alternative is to humanize our work.”

Medical history template

Apparently, there is a rivalry between Sydney and Melbourne (h/t Tyler Cowen)

Hedge funds getting into the landlord business


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