So I couldn’t even crack the 150-word mark this week

So far this experiment has served it’s purpose well. I’ve written, in my opinion, a thoughtful post each week for five weeks. (And I think putting weekly lists of my Tumblr activity and link lists, making for 3 items per week in this space, has kept me engaged here even more.)

Each of the aforementioned five posts have been about one of the two or three things that was on my mind that week. And this week there’s been one thing dominating my thoughts. And it’s been dominating my thoughts because it’s been dominating my time. And since it’s been┬ádominating my time, I really haven’t had much time to write about it.

But I will. Next week. So, yes, I’m sort of punting this week. But a punt still counts as a play from scrimmage, yeah?